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Beta Build 12270
Released August 19th 2012

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New in this Version

Removed a line of debug code that may have prevented Apprentice from properly connecting to the chat server.

Fixed an issue exposed by recent bug fixes that prevented new user registration.

August 17th Updates

Fixed a serious bug (for real this time) where when creating a new game in the game listing it would vanish after a certain amount of time (thanks Zagato!).

Fixed a bug where if an incomplete packet was sent from the chat, it could cause an error.

Fixed a bug where people exiting the chat channel in certain situations could cause a EStringList out of Bounds error.

Fixed a bug where if you created multiple tokens they defaulted to selected, even if not visually appearing selected.

August 16th Updates

Added multiselect and multiselect actions. It currently only works for card turning and red text actions, but we're working on letting all actions work on multiple cards when you select them.

Fixed a serious bug where when creating a new game in the game listing it would vanish after a certain amount of time (thanks Zagato!).

Fixed the drop shadow for dragged cards, there was some asymmetry that crept in during a past update, but it was hard to notice due to the dragged cards being mostly transparent.

Optimized image resizing so that games will start slightly faster (there is a lot of other optimizing that could be done to speed up the slight game start delay, so it will likely get even faster at some later point).

Fixed the advance phase menu item and all the other items in the phase actions menu section that were broke due to earlier updates.

Apprentice will no longer repeat the phase announcement if you click the same phase button multiple times (requested by seal).

Fixed a bug where cards without costs were causing errors in the deck editor (thanks Zagato!).

August 8th Updates

Fixed "Unable to open file Apprentice\Games\(GameName>)\Defaults\.jpg" error on using the autosave.

Fixed a bug where the transform command in the popup menu was showing up for every card.

Fixed a bug where creating a card without a name would give it a picutre of a card in the deck instead of a default for pictureless cards.

Fixed a bug where for fields that should show up as counters, the field itself was also showing up in the points slot of the small card.

Fixed a bug where card statuses, such as turn, where not clearing when the card was placed in a deck where they should be cleared, such as a discard pile.

Changed the sockets to not quit on errors, which should allow more errors to be recoverable.

Fixed a bug where the deck editor was not showing the curved border backgrounds in their proper colors.

August 5th Updates

Started to compile these builds with a flag that denotes to fully optimize the program (instead of to work in debug mode). This should theoretically speed up the entire program for all users.

Returned the missing tooltips to the turn step buttons.

Fixed a bug where certain cards were generating access violations.

Fixed a bug (with the help of another) that caused the form to improperly resize at times.

Fixed a bug (with the help of another) that could cause an error when starting a solo game.

Fixed a cosmetic bug where automatic auto-reloading of apprentice .deck files could add extra lines to the deck display.

Removed the sets scrollbar from the deck editor (requested by Urz, who reminded me it looked ugly and took up more space than it was worth). For the few cards you could need to scroll through sets for, you can use the scroll wheel or the arrow keys still.

You can now also double-click a selected card to add it in the deck editor (requested by Urz and seal).

Attempted to dramatically speed up the speed of the mulligan action (slow mulligan reported by swagkun).

You can now double-click a selected card while holding shift to add it to the sideboard in the deck editor (requested by seal).

Fixed a recently introducted bug where the Windows deck editor could not redo your card indexes if you deleted them or wanted to reindex because you added your own cards.

Fixed a bug that could cause freezing in certain situations when removing a line from the search query.

Fixed a bug where the whole card search in the deck editor was not working due to indexes being created that did not filter out end-of-line characters.

Made the deck editor live-update all searches so the search button will rarely, if ever, need to be hit (requested by Urz).

Fixed an issue in Windows where the phase bar would vanish if you dragged the Window to the side of the screen and it displayed the Windows docking effect graphic.

Fixed an issue where the icons for the decks and turn steps were flickering and vanishing. This entered last build as an unforseen side-effect of an attempt to speed up graphics rendering by 5%.

Fixed a bug where entering a solo game from the chat form was causing an error.

Limited the display of the "New Game" button to more appropriate times. At least one person got confused and attempted to hit this button after posting a game to the game list. The "New Game" button in the chat dialog will start a new game (but if nobody is in your game yet, it will just be a solo game). It is for game two or three of a match or solo games.

Made the deck page on the chat window form autoload your past deck like Apprentice consistently has done with the older Direct Connect dialog.